Discounts? .. No, bonuses!

"Spend until it hurts" - this principle, neuroscientists believe, guides a person in the process of their spending. That is, it is not the lack of funds that stops us and restrains us from buying, but the anxiety that we experience when parting with money. With a low level of anxiety, we are ready to spend without restrictions, and with a high level - on the contrary, even with significant savings, [...]

Art of War?

I have noticed that when strategy consultants cite passages from Sun Tzu's ancient text, The Art of War, as advice for business, they forget that this is not a war manual at all. This is a guide to the world. It advises powerful men at court to avoid war by all means, for two compelling reasons: it is too expensive a substitute for diplomacy, and [...]

New reality. Opportunities for sanatoriums and hotels.

In fact, it was a completely different year than any other, bringing a lot of contrasts to the hospitality industry. This dictates the need to analyze trends, as well as to consider all problems in perspective. Of course, the coronavirus, as we saw in the previous crisis phenomena, has certainly complicated or even ruined a lot, causing ripples, and somewhere convulsions in the hospitality industry. Regardless […]

Covid transformation. What to expect?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the world has changed. Simultaneously with systemic shifts in the economy, there is a significant transformation in society, which is a consequence of a change in the perception of each member of the surrounding reality. Despite all the seeming versatility of such reactions, all of them with some certainty can be entered into the psychological model of the five stages of acceptance, proposed back in 1969 by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross [...]

How to implement artificial intelligence and avoid falling into the Uncanny Valley

Digital transformation, artificial intelligence and robotization are the number one topic at the recent Sberbank conference. Humanoid robots that solve any problem flawlessly, on time and exactly as we program them - the best minds are purposefully working on this prospect and corporations are looking forward to it. Leading international consultants and representatives of big business are actively thinking about the topic of robotization. […]

6 ways to interest your client's reptilian brain

When you create an ad product, you probably aren't thinking about your client's reptilian brain. You traditionally ask the question "What makes the buyer buy?" instead of the most important - "What can attract his attention?" According to the triune brain theory, the reptilian region is the gatekeeper of the brain's attention and decision-maker. If your ad, website landing page can grab the attention of the reptilian brain, you have a much better chance that [...]

The Customer Journey, or Where Companies Lose Money

Companies go to great lengths to attract customers, but it turns out that this is not the most difficult task. The hardest part begins inside, when the client is already on the site, trying to make purchases, goes to the clinic and starts asking questions to the administrator, comes to a salon, store, restaurant, etc. Here begins the main battle for his loyalty, the value of the average check and, of course, [...]

10 cognitive biases e-commerce marketing should be aware of

In the context of growing competition and intense struggle for the choice of a client in the online space, practical knowledge of psychology and numerous tools are of particular importance, each of which brings our goals closer to the heart and mind of the consumer. Marketing and psychology are so intertwined that we can hardly imagine it. Human behavior is completely unpredictable and irrational. Already […]

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